It looks like Fallout’s spiritual successor is getting a PS5 remaster By Cat Bussell Published 4 Oct 22 PS5 and Xbox Series X Version First Details | S from space RPG The Outer Worlds emerge from Taiwan’s leaderboard.

It looks like Fallout’s spiritual successor is getting a PS5 remaster By Cat Bussell Published 4 Oct 22 PS5 and Xbox Series X Version First Details | S from space RPG The Outer Worlds emerge from Taiwan’s leaderboard.

Jio starts 5G beta test with True 5G welcome offer, users will have unlimited 5G data

Jio has announced that it will begin testing its True 5G network in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi. The announcement comes after its rival Airtel announced the rollout of 5G network in several cities.

Jio also revealed to its users ‘True 5G Welcome Offer’. Customers will have unlimited access to the 5G network with unlimited data. It is similar to the Welcome Offer that the telecom operator offered when it started 4G VoLTE services in the country.

Pixel Watch looks slim and stylish in recent unboxing leak

The new Google Pixel Watch it will be the slim little smartwatch if there is a leak reddit (opens in new tab) accurate proof. our friends in PhoneArena (opens in new tab) noticed that a leaker opened a demo unit of the new Pixel Watch and took lots of pictures from all angles showing the shiny black disc, strap and charger that will come in the box.

Google showed us pictures of the Pixel Watch in its Google I/O event last spring, but details and images of the new smartwatch have been scarce ever since. This new leak shows us the device from all sides, giving us an idea of ​​how thin it will be and how curved the top will be. The Pixel Watch looks much more rounded than, say, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

(Image credit: Reddit/@Suckmyn00dle)

The hollow watch comes in a polished stainless steel case with an active charcoal style bracelet. We expect to see a black box option as well as a possible gold color. For bracelets, we expect a wide range of more stylish active rubber and leather styles.

The leak also gives us a good look at the Pixel Watch’s packaging, which has few new details. The watch will run Google’s Wear OS 3.5, the same as Samsung’s watch, which makes sense because Samsung and Google developed Wear OS together.

Pixel Watch back showing the sensors

Pixel Watch from the back (Image credit: Reddit/@Suckmyn00dle)

We also get a look at the sensor array on the back of the Pixel Watch, although we don’t have precise details on what sensors Google will include. We expect standard heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body composition and ECG capabilities.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Acquisition Deal Is Back

Volatile billionaire Elon Musk may finally be ready to close this giant Twitter deal – at least for today.

Musk and his supporters presented a letter with the SEC on Monday (opens in new tab) to restart business on the terms originally agreed upon. The news comes days before Musk is ousted in a case that sought to undo the deal – and just days after some of the Musk’s private texts (opens in new tab)among associates, friends and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were launched into the discovery. The newly released messages shed light on how Musk views Twitter, its new features (like Twitter Blue, which he hates), and the deal itself.

Canceled Nintendo Game Would Have Crushed Zelda With Final Fantasy Tactics

Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios wanted to make a Zelda game in the style of Final Fantasy Tactics, but the idea was shot down by Nintendo before development could begin in earnest.

Developed in 2004, Heroes of Hyrule was described by Retro Studios in an internal document as “a story-driven game of exploration, puzzle solving and strategic combat in the Zelda universe”. Designed for the Nintendo DS, it was intended “to appeal to fans of games like previous Zelda and Final Fantasy Tactics titles”.

YouTube can make 4K videos exclusive to Premium subscribers

You may soon have to buy YouTube Premium to watch 4K YouTube videos, a new user test suggests.

according to one Reddit Thread (opens in new tab) highlighted in Leaker Alvin’s Twitter (opens in new tab), several non-Premium YouTube users reported seeing 4K (and higher) resolution video options limited to YouTube Premium subscribers on their iOS devices. For these individuals, videos are currently only available for streaming in resolution up to 1440p (QHD).

Nothing announces official release date for new AirPods Ear (stick) alternatives

True to form, Nothing has just announced the full reveal date of its upcoming audio product, Ear (stick).

So, an ad about an ad. You have to hand it over to Carl Pei’s marketing department, they never miss a trick.

Why you should skip DJI Store Day and wait for Black Friday drone deals

If you’re looking to buy a DJI drone or action camera, you might be waiting patiently for DJI Store Day sales, which start on October 10th. better wait for this year’s Black Friday deals.

DJI has now revealed the deals and discounts that will be available during DJI Store Day. And unless you’ve recently received a ‘Golden Ticket’ from DJI (which was handed out to some DJI Avata and DJI Mini 3 Pro buyers), that’s not much to get excited about.

Red Dead Redemption 2 finally runs great on my Steam Deck – but what’s next?

If, like me, you rushed to install Red Dead Redemption 2 on your Steam Deck, only to find it running at a disappointingly low speed, a fix has arrived to alleviate that.

According to Playing on Linux (opens in new tab)Rock stars games (opens in new tab) was included as part of a Proton update, which allows multiple games to run on SteamOS from the Steam Deck, alongside Linux PCs with an AMD GPU.

Samsung’s smallest 4K micro-LED TV may finally be on its way to the battle against OLED

The future of high-end TVs has just taken another small step in our direction. Micro-LED will be the next big tech after OLED and mini-LED TVs because it offers all the brightness of LED TVs but with the per-pixel lighting and contrast of OLED. The best of both worlds… once real TVs hit people’s homes.

Originally, Samsung announced its plans to bring this technology in sizes starting at 76 inches, but it was only able to launch a 110-inch one. So we learned that sizes as small as 76 inches are a few years away, at least.