The new Witcher game has multiplayer, and its worlds build

Multiplayer gameplay and procedurally generated environments will be featured in the upcoming Witcher game, currently codenamed Project Sirius.

While not The Witcher 4, Sirius is a spin-off of the Witcher series currently in development at CD Projekt subsidiary Red The Molasses Flood. Revealed in a investor presentation (opens in new tab) Yesterday, the game is currently in pre-production and is touted as “an innovative take on The Witcher Universe”.

Minecraft’s Next Potential Mob Will Make My Farming Life Much Easier

Minecraft is getting a new crowd – but it’s up to you and the community to decide which option makes the cut. Mojang’s has revealed two potential creatures so far, and there’s a clear winner (in my opinion) that could be a game-changer for farming.

The community will decide in the annual Minecraft Mob Vote which of the three candidates should be added to the game. Mojang’s has revealed just two of the three options so far: the trickster, a hide-and-seek expert who has enchanted tools, and the sniffer, an ancient creature that looks like a cross between a truffle pig and a turtle. But the winner is obvious, right?

Xiaomi’s Cheap 4K QLED TVs Offer Dolby Atmos and Vision, But With a Problem

Xiaomi has started rolling out its Q2 TV series in Europe, offering consumers an affordable way to access premium home entertainment features such as Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

Google TV’s new QLED screen is available in 50, 55, and 65-inch sizes, and with a pretty impressive list of features behind its pixels, Xiaomi’s latest TV could be a tempting, inexpensive alternative to more expensive models. . QLED models from brands like TCL and Samsung, which make some of the best 4K TVs for those on a budget.

The Steam Deck Free Update Finally Lets Me Use The Spice Girls As A Startup Video

If you wanted your Steam Deck to boot with something other than the handheld logo, a beta update available for installation will allow you to do so.

Going to Settings > System > Steam Update Channel > Betayou can install this update (opens in new tab) which also changes the resolution when connected to an external monitor, saving you the hassle of doing this when your Steam Deck is connected to one.

Overwatch 2 launch plagued by long lines and DDoS attacks

Overwatch 2’s launch has been interrupted by a wave of DDoS attacks and server crashes as players struggle to get into the game and access premium content.

Overwatch 2 players faced extremely long queue times when trying to launch the game, with some waiting in four-hour lines containing over 50,000 people. Others were unable to load the game, faced longer wait times when trying to merge their Overwatch accounts, and discovered unlocked cosmetics previously missing from their collection.

Canceled by Netflix: It’s the End of the Road for Firefly Lane

Netflix executives have scaled back plans for their soapy drama Firefly Lane, which will now end after two seasons.

While the show has not been formally confirmed for a third season, the drama was expected to continue after its second season. The show racked up 1.3 billion viewing minutes in just its first five days, according to Nielsen’s weekly look at the biggest shows on streaming serviceswhat you imagine would set the show up for the long haul.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Netflix Series Nearly Broke a Big Stranger Things 4 Record

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story came very close to stealing one of Stranger Things season 4’s crowns, according to new data from Netflix.

According to the streaming giant’s latest summary of its List of the 10 best TV shows (opens in new tab), the deeply disturbing drama series racked up nearly 300 million hours watched in its second week on Netflix. This makes it the second most-watched English original series, over a period of seven days, in Netflix history. The fourth season of Stranger Things is the only English-language series that has performed better in a single week.

Google Pixel 4 gets its final update guaranteed, just in time for the Pixel 7

If you currently own a Google Pixel 4 or a Pixel 4 XL, now might be the time to upgrade, as Google is rolling out its October 2022 Update for these phones – as well as all subsequent models, including the Pixel 6 – and that’s the final upgrade that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL guarantee.

according to one official google support page (opens in new tab), October 2022 is the last month these phones are guaranteed to receive Android version updates or security updates; with the latter meaning, they can be increasingly unsafe to use.

Disney Plus on PS5 Just Got a Long Overdue Update

Finally, the Disney Plus app on PS5 has been updated to support 4K HDR streaming.

Accessible through the media tab, you will be able to enjoy compatible Disney content, which includes Marvel movies and Star Wars TV shows, in Ultra HD and HDR10 through your Sony console, after updating the Disney Plus app to a new one. PS5 native version.

Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU shows impressive framerates in Overwatch 2

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 can hit over 500 frames per second (fps) in Overwatch 2 at 1440p resolution, a ridiculously fluid level of gameplay – with one notable caveat that we’ll come back to later on the monitor front – Team Green himself told us .

To be more precise, Nvidia’s own benchmarking (opens in new tab) shows the shooter (which was released yesterday) running at 507 fps on average with the RTX 4090, and that was at 1440p with max graphics settings (the test rig paired the GPU with an Intel Core i9-12900K CPU, by the way).