Nvidia releases a new Game Ready Driver, and it’s not just for the RTX 4090

Nvidia’s new Game Ready Driver is now available for download after the release of the RTX 4090 on October 12th and is intended to unlock the full potential of the beastly graphics card. The new driver not only adds support for your new beefy GPU, but also offers performance improvements for RTX 3000 series cards.

This is an important update for those who aren’t willing to replace our beloved current graphics card – or for those who wait a little longer until they get the RTX 4090 (which sold out almost everywhere – check out our where to buy Nvidia RTX 4090 live blog for stock alerts). At the Nvidia website (opens in new tab) the driver is specified to improve the performance of RTX 3000 series graphics cards, but we assume these benefits will also extend to the RTX 2000 series.

The driver features DLSS 3, which Nvidia claims will multiply performance on RTX 40 series cards four times. So far, over 35 DLSS 3 games have been announced, including F1 22, Gotham Nights, and A Plague Tale: Requiem. However, not all of them will be enabled with DLSS 3 compatibility right away.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

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